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Proper Mowing

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Proper Mowing is one of the biggest key contributors to a healthy and good looking lawn.


Mowing height is critical for a healthy lawn. Generally cool season grasses are mowed high and warm season grass are mowed low. Scientist have proven that cool season turf such as fescue, that is mowed to low can cause the root system of the plant to shrink. For our climate it is important for our fescue to have deep roots so that this cool season plant can survive our hot dry summers. Warm season turf, such as Bermuda or Zoysia, should be mowed low. Lower mowing promotes a denser turf and reduces the incidence of disease. To determine the correct mowing height for your lawn a combination of factors must be considered. These include type of grass, frequency of mowing, fertilization practices and terrain. The professionals at Landscape Management Company will consider this criteria when choosing a proper mowing height for your turf.


When you mow your lawn, you are sure to get excess clippings, especially during the peak growing season. The small clippings you get when mowing a healthy lawn will decompose quickly. Small clippings can even give back essential nutrients to the soil. However, when mowing grass that is too tall, the clippings should be removed or mulched and dispersed.


This will be based on the growth of your grass. To maintain a healthy turf most lawns require mowing about once a week during the growing season. Special use turf such as sports fields and golf courses may require mowing as often as several times per week. Irrigation, fertilization and weather are all big determinants of mowing frequency.

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